12-2 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire - by Paige Electric

Paige Wire

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37.00 Ounces

Landscape Lighting is used for outdoor, landscape and security lighting. Underground low energy circuit cable with two conductors for use with outdoor low voltage lighting. This is stranded, uncoated, annealed copper conductors laid parallel and fully insulated with PVC coating. It is suited for direct burial applications. The jacketed conductors are duplexed in a flat construction to promote easy tear-down during installation.


  • Meets UL, ETL and CSA standards
  • UV resistant
  • Identification markings imprinted or ink printed on outer cable jacket

Please Note:

Wire splices are the weak link of any electrical circuit. It is especially important to make proper joints in irrigation or landscape lighting systems, whether direct burial or valve box installation, because the joints are exposed to wet and damp environments that can cause corrosion of the copper conductor, premature failure, and risk of fires.

  • Low voltage 
  • Rated -20°C to 60°C
  • Sunlight resistant
  • 250' or 500' Roll