Black Reflective Fire Glass


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160.00 Ounces
Product Overview

HPC Fire 1/4 Inch Decorative Fire Glass, 10 Pounds, Black Reflective provides a high quality fire media option to increase the ambiance of your gas fire pit. This glass is safe up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit without fear of cracking, discoloring, or deforming thanks to tempered glass construction. This man-made media option won't break down over time, meaning you'll never have to replace worn glass. Should your glass become dirty, a quick wash with soap and water is all it takes to look new again. Fire media is a necessary component of any gas fire pit to increase combustion efficiency and provide the proper flame appearance. This premium fire glass design offers a contemporary alternative to more traditional lava rock.

HPC's 1/4-inch black reflective fire glass offers an attractive black color reminiscent of dark coal for a unique style sure to enhance the appearance of your fire pit. This glass offers a brighter, sparkling compared to the more muted design of HPC's classic black fire glass (FPGLBLACK). Give your fire pit a custom appearance with HPC's premium fire pit glass. Note: The 1/4-inch size refers to glass thickness and not piece size (piece sizes vary).


  • Durable Design - Heat treated tempered glass design can withstand temperatures up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vibrant Color - Unique color options available to match a wide variety of design styles
  • Creates a Better Flame - Fire media allows for proper gas dispersion, resulting in fuller, more impressive flame
  • Non-Toxic - Man-made glass does not give off smoke, soot, or ash
  • Easy Maintenance - Dirty glass can be returned to new appearance with quick cleaning

Any color: 10 lb. minimum order, 10 lb. increments.