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WAC Landscape Lighting magnetic power supplies can support the entire line of WAC 12V Landscape Lighting products, including Accent, Flood, Well, Indicator, Submersible, 12V Tape Light, Step and Wall, Deck and Patio, Path and Area, and Hardscape lighting products. This Stainless Steel housing is manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel that enhances protection against outdoor elements and IP66 rated for protection against high-pressure water jets and rain. The power supply can be mounted on a post or wall. Includes a 6ft 10-gauge grounded plug-in cord for simple connection to a receptacle. A lock-able hinged door at the front of the power supply swings up and is held open by magnets for ease of installation and maintenance. There is access to an on/off switch inside the power supply and multiple wire taps ranging from 12V-16V on a terminal strip allow for longer runs. Power supplies are manufactured in 75W (SKU # 9075-TRN-SS), 150W (SKU # 9150-TRN-SS), 300W (SKU # 9300-TRN-SS), and 600W (SKU # 9600-TRN-SS) sizes, we recommend a size that is 75% of your total power needs to allow room for adding fixtures to your system down the road. WAC Landscape Lighting power supplies support additional plug-and-play accessories sold separately such as a photocell (SKU # 9000-PCH-GY or 9000-PCR-GY) that turns the system on at dusk and off at dawn or a mechanical timer (SKU # 9000-MTI-WT) that allows you to control when the system turns on and off. Smooth and continuous dimming to 10% with a Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer. WAC Landscape Lighting offers 100ft, 250ft, or 500ft, 12-guage 2-wire low voltage burial landscape cable sold separately for a complete installation (9100-12G-BK - 100ft Spool, 9250-12G-BK - 250ft Spool, 9500-12G-BK - 500ft Spool).

10 Years Functional, Lifetime Warranty on Finish